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The crime of the poor is stealing,
the crime of the rich is fraud.      


The information on this site is for educational purposes only.

You're on your own if you're applying, or not applying, anything you've learned here, or think you've learned here, to the real world.

There is no free lunch

Many a gainfully-employed MBA in finance is working to provide you with the illusion of a free lunch.

In the real world, if you think you've found a free lunch, you're wrong: you've made a mistake. There is no free lunch. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Pricing the "free lunch"

Analysis spreadsheets offered on this site are brittle, that is, they apply only to the scenario in the spreadsheet. They can and may necessarily be modified to cover your scenario at your own risk.

CAVEAT: Your ability to use or modify a spreadsheet is only as good as your ability to create the same spreadsheet on your own initiative from scratch. A spreadsheet's algorithm is a program created to solve a particular problem. To modify a program one must first understand what it does and doesn't do. Start there.